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Mephisto - Bring Me The Horizon

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 8.11.2014
Music & Words by Mephisto.

Nothing is wrong,
but nothing's forever,
I must depart,
we can't stay together.

It will be quick,
faster than blink,
no running nor hiding
will save you from destiny...

No matter how strong,
no matter how long,
we must break our bond,
though none of us want.

It will be quick,
faster than blink,
it's the only manner,
at least we'll die together...

Sun! Bring me the horizon, now!

It's night, the sun is gone.
Wait, am I seeing dawn?!
What's that on horizon?
Sunrise or phantasm?!

Darkness lasts too long,
something has gone wrong.
So I beg you, Sun,
bring me the horizon, now...