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Meditime metal / Chodov

„Nové fotky“

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Text skladby Harbinger

z alba What is after?

Autor hudby: Pavel Vršecký
Autor textu: Pavel Vršecký

Who's knocking on the door?
I don't know who are you?

1. Please, hear my voice and do not be afraid
I am not the one who can hurt you
Please, open a door and let me go inside
I have a thing that I'll have to give you

Shall I trust you?
Why don't you tell me what's that?

2. Please, hear my voice, you must believe me
I can not do what do you like
Please open a door, you must see this
I can't describe, even I know how you feel it

R: I have one thing for your soul
Very big chance that could save the world
Try to open and look at the sight
That will change the way of lives

3. ..... ….. …. …. , so don't be scared
Win the match over fear
Be merciful and be human
Or there's won't be sain in your way

R: I have one thing …. (2x)

I'm very scared and afraid
I'm very feared, please leave me alone
I can't hear anything what you are talking now
Please leave me alone

The man has never opened the door
And no one was saved
Thanks God the story has never happened
But no one can know
When the real harbinger will come to your home
So please be careful