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Mater Monstifera black-metal / Trhové Sviny

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22. prosince 2008
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  • NEW!!! Neskývej tvář
    Vězení bizarních bohů
  • NEW!!! Oceán stínů
    Vězení bizarních bohů
  • NEW!!! Doteky věčnosti
    Vězení bizarních bohů
  • Sedm Hříchů (V troskách Tvýho světa - Mini Album 2013)
    V troskách Tvýho světa
  • Dál v nebi bloudím (V troskách Tvýho světa - Mini Album
    V troskách Tvýho světa
  • V troskách Tvýho světa (V troskách Tvýho světa - Mini Al
    V troskách Tvýho světa
  • Beletseri (singl 2008)
  • Nevinnost (Sepsáno Krví - Demo 2002)

Členové skupiny

Nástrojové obsazení: Zpěv
Nástrojové obsazení: Syntezátor / Sampler, Piano, klavír
Nástrojové obsazení: Bicí
Nástrojové obsazení: Kytara
Nástrojové obsazení: Baskytara

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Dodatečné info



  • Steph - voc
  • Yvor - guit & programing
  • Archangel Cesyn - guit
  • Denisa - key
  • Deemon - bass
  • Ondre - Drums

FORMER/past member(s)

  • Astral Vampire - quit (2000)
  • Abogarth - bass (2005)
  • Destructor - voc (2010)
  • Jitka - key (2010)



  • Vůně krve (promo 2000)
  • Svíce Života (demo 2000)
  • Sepsáno Krví (Mini CD 2002 - IFA records)
  • Zrozen z Hříchu (CD 2005 - IFA records)
  • Beletseri (Singl CD 2008)
  • Na Zrcadlech Lží (CD 2011 - Pařát Productions)
  • V troskách Tvýho světa (EP 2013)
  • Vězení bizarních bohů (CD 2017 - Pařát Productions)



Bio a historie


MATER MONSTIFERA is an atmospheric black metal band from South Bohemia, Czech Republic, adept at creating music with powerful melodies and intense atmosphere. The band has been on the stage since 2000, the former line-up changed yet consolidated, and since we’ve recently released our new CD, we go on doing our craft right and there’s much for our fans to look forward to.

  • MATER MONSTIFERA was born in the end of the summer 2000. The initial line-up were Yvor - guitar, backing vocals & programming, Destructor – vocals, and Jitka - keyboards. Not long after that, Astral Vampire (guitar) joined the band and by the end of the year, MATER MONSTIFERA had recorded and released their first demo CD, named "Svíce života"(The Candle of Life).

  • In the spring 2001, vacancy of a bass guitar player was filled by Abogarth, and  in the summer 2002, the band recorded their new material in the ‘Prodigy Studio’ and released it as an MCD ’Sepsáno krví’(Written By Blood) via the I.F.A. Records. By the end of the year, Astral Vampire had left for family reasons and his position in the band was appointed by a new guitarist, Archangel Cesyn.

  • During the next two years (2003-2004), the band took part in a great deal of live performances, while, at the same time, working on music for the very first – debut album. The CD, called ’Zrozen z hříchu’(Born From Sin), was recorded within April and May 2005 and released once again by the I.F.A. Records. Astral Vampire and Grief (ex-Immortal Tears singer) occure as special guests.

  • In the spring 2006, the former bass player Abogarth is replaced by Deemon. The band promotes itself through a variety of concerts and sets plans for the second album in motion. As a teaser, a single-track record ’Beletseri’ is released, with a vocal support of Dying Passsion´s singer Zuzana Jelínková, and meets with positive responses from both fans and critics.

  • At the end of the year 2010, however, the singer Destructor leaves the band due to bussiness reasons and the position of a keyboard player is also abandoned. Nevertheless, replacements emerge almost immediately. Stephanos becomes the new frontman and Denisa takes charge of the keyboard.

  • In the spring 2011, MATER MONSTIFERA leaves for the tried-and-tested Prodigy Studio, and finishes the second long-playing record ´Na zrcadlech lží´(In the Mirrors of Lies), produced by Prodigy’s Jiří Drdák and released as a supplement of the ’Pařát Magazine’, on the 20th June 2011.

  • In May 2012, the band finally succeeds in recruiting a live drummer, Ondré, and embarks on making some new music. In the autumn of the year, a record of three tracks named ´V troskách tvýho světa´(In the Ruins of Your World) is made at the Prodigy Studio. It is released on flashdisc, on 30th of March 2013, under the official distribution of Metalgate Records.

  • Following two years are devoted to live shows and the material for the next album crystallizes. In January 2017, MATER MONSTIFERA leaves for the Prodigy Studio once more and gives birth to the third regular album CD. As special guests, Radek Popel and a south-Bohemian vocal quartet Calypte took part.

The current CD, named ‘Vězení bizarních bohů‘(Bizzare Gods‘ Prison), was released on 15th of June 2017 by the PařátMagazine productions as a supplement of their June’s edition. The material of the present album is characterized by captivating melodies that will surely get under your skin. Nowadays, MATER MONSTIFERA is filling their schedule with concert venues and makes plans for a promotional tour.