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  • Martin Beneš - Been There For You (Afterwards 2015)
  • Martin Beneš - Fragments of Fantasy (My Turn 2015)

Martin Beneš - Been There For You (Official Music Video 2015)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 2.10.2015
Finally Here.
My Honest Thanks Belongs To:

Lucie Bohatá. For the Girl and Production.…

Jakub Sadílek. For Random Guy and Production (Cameraman).

Projekt Klavíry pro Brno (Pianos for Brno). For Piano.

My Parents. For Their Support.

Molly. I Couldn't Do It Without Meeting Them.

Official Lyrics Video 2015 -…

Czech Out My Instrumental Project "My Turn" -…

Composed and Played by Martin Beneš.
Home Recorded Single to project Afterwards.
TeaPea Records.
SoundCloud o'Mine.