Mapleafs - Text a video Class Zero z alba Over All |
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Mapleafs indie-pop / Praha

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  • Free World Star
  • Class Zero
  • Creep /Radiohead cover/
  • What is wrong with me
  • Over all
  • It´s real / Pieces of us ( živě2011/06/28 - U Kavalíra )

Text skladby Class Zero

z alba Over All

Autor hudby: L.Hráský
Autor textu: L.Hráský

See you in hell
Wake me, up
Born with this shell

So, it´s my feel
What´s the sound
Alone, I´m leave it

Oh, asshole class zero
Oh, no
Oh, this time
Once again
Asshole class zero

School´s out in dream
Under grass
I´m not too deep

City is back
Really space
I´m not too sad

Mighty sound come together