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Manyac thrash / Sereď

„Nové songy zverejnené !!!“

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Text skladby Hangman's Tie... Epitaph

z alba Face To Face

Nation in the streets as well as guards
first disappointed second waiting fights
Cup of patience became overflowed
years of calm waiting are desperately gone

You can go to jail just for opinion
we are really back in 1984?
You can't find the job but you must still pay
uniform is beating you just humbly obey!

Try to feel the strength,to move out those
who can only lie, strike down those whores
Give them hangman's tie
and the riot jab big eye

Try to join the will, make a better world
built it on the ruins,let empires learn
Give them hangman's tie
bring them death and bring them down

Robbed by your vote in background of the game
deceived by leaders every-single-fuckin-day
Resign from flock, shake with the state
stop their long-time mock before its too late

Reveal their lies, clench your teeth
You are enough wise, release your fears
Never give up, never surrender
crowd has the force, reign can and must be handled