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Text skladby Piece of Beauty

z alba Motel

Piece of beauty

I closed two mice to a jar, they didn´t seem too happy.
But they could still find the one, their piece of beauty.
They don´t mind spending time, running in circle.
At least they have their cheese, little miracle.

Get away, out of this space.
Step behind me, and let me live.
Get away, I don´t want to stay.
You´re left behind me, and let me live.

I hate the sound of their lives, boring and peaceful.
They found a piece of my art, found it beautiful.
When they were in a shine, of my last fever.
They prayed, showing the love, to me, the devil.

Don´t you think it´s gonna be the same,
she looked at me and then she turned away.
She don´t wanna play with me, can´t let her go,
let her go.

Sometimes I let the jar opened a while,
I let them beg, I let them touch the god.
She don´t wanna stay here, let her go, let it flow.