Madhouse Express - Text skladby Exiled z alba Lunatic's Strange Dreams |
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Madhouse Express psychedelic-rock / Praha

„Express is Coming...“

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Text skladby Exiled

z alba Lunatic's Strange Dreams

Autor hudby: The Madhouse Express
Autor textu: Maxmilián Hruška


Can you remember when he was young,
everything was easier,
he was singing colourful song
Now the world is gray,
everyone went the other way
and he has nothing to say
All in all, all in all

Consumed by social decay,
lost in the haze of individualities,
where all in all we make one big wave
At least you could hide
from this world without dignity,
from this reality

We all are getting alone
exiled and turned to stone

Afraid of your own shadows
hellos turned to goodbyes

You took a trip to unknown,
got lost and never came back home

Exiled in solitude,
he locked himself in the opened world

Exiled, exiled, exiled, exiled