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Text skladby Aunt Eugenia's Liquid Clouds

z alba Lunatic's Strange Dreams

Autor hudby: The Madhouse Express
Autor textu: Maxmilián Hruška

Aunt Eugenia's Liquid Clouds

Today I asked where she is
and all just stood and stared,
so I turned my back on them

I searched every corner for a clue,
where might she go,
but I found just her kaleidoscope

Maybe she is dancing in the garden of dreams,
watering her lunacies
Maybe she is lying in the blueberry grove,
singing about the end

Today they told me she has turned into a cloud
and now she is making love to unicorns

So I took her kaleidoscope
and looked in to the sky.
That's where I saw her again!

So I changed the colour of my mind
and went for her into the sky
I flew higher and higher and higher
and this is my last goodbye

Clouds have turned into an endless sea
and whole my mind has just drowned in it
and all those beautiful dreams of midsummer's madness
dissolved into an abyss of doctor's pills

No matter how we are insane
We want to lie down in the grass
With thoughts in peaceful clouds
Flying and dreaming
In the eternal sky