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Mad Hats - Dreams

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 20.8.2013
Mad Hats Slovakia 2013 - Dreams

Remember that day when you closed your eyes
You said yourself that one day you won´t cry
Your heart was breaking when they laughed so loud
Even the brightest day was darkest night

They always try to put you put you down
So many times they said you waste your time
Don´t hesitate about your life and style
You know you dream about this all your life

´Cause we were born to live our dreams
And in our hearts there´s flame the flame that never sleeps
´Cause we can we can defeat the fright
And in our hearts we feel that we can touch the stars

You weren´t born to follow what they want
You gotta go and fight for what you love
No matter how you look and how you smile
You can be what you want so shut their mouth

Maybe you fall nine times but get up ten
Like Jovi said and you must believe that
One day your dreams will come true
And you will have the fucking big smile on your pretty face