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Lucas pop-rock / Zagreb

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  • Lucas-Nakon ljubavi (Single 2012)
  • Lucas-Nikada vise (Single 20111)

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Born and grew up in Dubrovnik where he completed musical school for piano, percussion and vocalist.

Since childhood he was a great promoter of music and has joined different musical groups as a professional keyboardist and singer. He became a member of numerous musical ensembles as accompanist to many estrade stars and established singing names. For many years he has directed his activities towards domestic and foreign markets. He spent seven years on the North-American continent working professionally in the world of music as well as furthering his musical education. He has been cooperating with many foreign musicians and thus acquired rich musical experience and maturity.

Following the return to Croatia he records his first single She isn't coming which finds itself among established names of the Croatian estrade on the compilation Coctail No.1, issued by the renowned musical recording house ZG-Zoe Music. Numerous guest appearances on radio and TV shows followed as well as noted appearances in front of cameras of which should definitively be singled out the guest appearance at Miss Croatia show. After that followed many significant appearances, single promotions and festival appearances, while the songs I believe in you and Confess to me have brought to him also the first prizes for songwriter-singer achievement and have found their place among the hit compilations of many renowned musical recording houses.

Supported by good reviews and accompanied by video spots they have been recognized in media, resulting in many guest appearances in TV and radio musical shows. He also participates in different humanitarian concerts and then completes his next single, New World, which has been issued by a musical recording company Suzy Records. Through media promotion of video spot and a single New World, he has completed one musical story and filled in one page of music and then took the time and space to blend and assimilate his rich musical experience and maturity into a new, even bigger musical challenge by profiling his musical style and expression, which will take him as a musician and songwriter-singer to the absolute recognition and specific quality.

After prolonged stay and work in the studio, he is emerging into the light of day to open one complete new page of music and start one completely new, wonderful musical story...