Light & Love

This sibling duo is one of the most significant acts in Czech republic. Brothers Honza and Lukas Balcarek a.k.a Johny and Kosak, who are the producers of their own music, have great sounding production and also fascinating natural approach to their live concerts. Their talent wasn't without notice of more famous colleagues. For example Richard Krajco from the band Krystof (for whom they made remix of their no.1 single "Srdcebeat"). They produced songs for other Czech artists such as Voxel, Adam Misik, or Mirai. Before Light & Love, the brothers were in a band called Johny Said The Number, which was well known in the Czech alternative scene. After a promising start, they changed their name to Light & Love - which was more fitting to the overall message of the band - and they opened themselves to other genres. Their very first single Blueberry Sky was one of the most played songs on the radio for 26 weeks. Their second single True was also a success.
They plan to release their debut album in the fall of 2016.


  1. Calling mp3
  2. Where are you now mp3
  3. Country Boy mp3
  4. True mp3
  5. Blueberry Sky mp3


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