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Text skladby Homemade Idiot

z alba Sleepless

Guess you forgot where your feet stand
It must be hard to be the one who can be replaced
So how does it taste then
To drain from another brain

You repeat the things I say
Still I’m the one to be blamed

You are so sensible
So understanding to my trouble
Fragile soul as light as a feather
Die you selfish motherfucker

With every bad step I take
There’s always your stupid smile
And each right move I make
You look like a thief waiting for a trial

Is there enough comfort in your loud seat
While you’re waiting for me to cut off my own meat
I don’t mean to blame you for the things I did wrong
It’s just this strange pleasure to give you this song

How could I be so adaptable
Only to give you a favor
But there’s this one thing that you are and I’m not
You’re a homemade idiot