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Text skladby Sleepless

z alba Sleepless

I’m not sleeping tonight
Too much thoughts running through my head
I’m not sleeping tonight
Thinking about the words they have said
Instead of peace for my soul
I lie down and look up to the dark
Can’t tell the lights from the shadows anymore
I’m lost in this horrifying park
Staring at the clock
Too late to do anything
Should I take a walk
Or should I stay in
My bed where everything has started
Where I sweat and scream in my pillow
I’m looking around as if I was blinded
Is there anyone else who reached this low
No saying good night for me
That would calm my unhappy brain
No way I’d like to see
A vision of another day
I hear that sound of silence
All around
Can’t stand this quiet violence
Feel like breaking apart
I’m not sleeping tonight
For I’m in trouble
I’m not sleeping tonight
Wishing there would be no tomorrow