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Lehnen post rock-alternative / Vienna

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  • make believe
  • coma
  • what is in the air




When everyone else is sleeping, a whole new world opens up to the one who is still awake. For those who choose to stay up, as well as those unable to fall asleep there is time to reflect, to digest the events and emotions of the day. Alone, but not necessarily lonely. Undisturbed, yet not always peaceful. If a person wants an honest glimpse of himself in the mirror, then this is perhaps the best moment to look.

The majority of songs on this record were written between midnight and the early hours of morning. Each one explores subject matter from a perspective of seclusion. Often dark and dismal, the sound is meant to convey the feeling of isolation while the city sleeps- the feeling of being the only one awake.
released 21 May 2010
written and produced by lehnen
mixed by floxe
mastered by jens dreesen at skyline tonfabrik
recorded at mbox studios
photos by simon graf
model: linnéa jänen
distributed by trost