La Resistans - Text skladby Chained z alba Empty Room |
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La Resistans alternative-rock / Cheb

„New album - THEMRES“

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Text skladby Chained

z alba Empty Room

Autor hudby: LR
Autor textu: LR

Slowly as if with great repression
The doors from absolute sorrow opens
And I enter into my own desolation
Oppressive atmosphere of painfull memories
Inhibts me of great breathe
And so I stand in the middle of Empty Room
And I´m choking by regret

Every memory saw me from inside
As if a horde of razor blades tides in my veins
And all of them collects in heart
In the place destroyed by pain from a future

We are chained by chains of future pain
Unable to escape anyway with taste to fight
We are chained by chains of past pain
Which follows our existence

We are chained