La Resistans - Text skladby Minor z alba Damaged People |
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La Resistans alternative-rock / Cheb

„New album - THEMRES“

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Text skladby Minor

z alba Damaged People

Autor hudby: LR
Autor textu: LR

Haggard silhouette gently downwards
Above flowers for whose beauty eyes didn´t see
In hand trembling and pained voice
Which never sounded full, which never singed
Proudly and not even sad, time is running

Perhaps the times of dreams are over and the heart stopped his knocking
Silently looking on one´s own process of fate
Silently and gently downwards above flowers
For whose beauty eyes didn´t see
For whose smell we used to kill

Building an escape from familiarity of ordinary days
Up and down
into the world of fantasy and dreams
Foing away slowly, far
Memorable wall rised from remains
Of smoldering memories

You were light and you were darkness
in most beautiful colours
When you were smiling and when you were taking
Not looking on effect, not looking on anything
Anything expect yourself
God, why I loved you?