La Resistans - Text skladby The Wall z alba Damaged People |
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La Resistans alternative-rock / Cheb

„New album - THEMRES“

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Text skladby The Wall

z alba Damaged People

Autor hudby: LR
Autor textu: LR

You´ve just made a poor wall
The wall in your head
In a fact we are really masters of war
You said I was so bad in all
But baby, I´m not your doll

No matter how I cried
No matter how I tried
There´s just the poor wall
You try to make me bad in all
And I don´t take you this

And if you wrote me a letter
And if you thought it would be better
Please don´t ask me anymore, maybe later

If I´m really so bad, why you feel pain
Why you are going insane?
Did you think that after your letter
I´ll come back? Never

When I read I really cry
But my heart is like a stone, my feelings died
And maybe only fell asleep
Maybe they jumped in a hole, really very deep