La Resistans - Text skladby Blackwater Park z alba Damaged People |
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La Resistans alternative-rock / Cheb

„New album - THEMRES“

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Text skladby Blackwater Park

z alba Damaged People

Autor hudby: LR
Autor textu: LR

One thing fade out
And another is coming
I still didn´t learn to live without
This painfull feeling


Caught in the net of my own lies
And pressure is growing
Mad when my feelings dies
I think I´m going to be crawling

Baby you´re right, I´m really evil
But I couldn´t think nothing new
I can´t do anything, it´s making me feel ill
What should I do?

Feelings fade out into darsomest place
It abandoned only pain
It left me all alone in a dark Blackwater Park