La Resistans - Text skladby Smoked Trip z alba Sensual Ways |
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La Resistans alternative-rock / Cheb

„New album - THEMRES“

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Text skladby Smoked Trip

z alba Sensual Ways

Autor hudby: LR
Autor textu: LR

One day I woke up
And in one moment
I realised I’ve never been in New York

One day I woke up
And in same moment
I realised I’ve never been in other state

And so I toke my phone
Starting calling my friends
In a rush rolling joints
By my old dirty hands
In a head beutiful scenes
Which we are gonna to see
I’d glad to start to dance
But these joints won’t wait to roll by me

And finally my friends
Came to my house
What the hell are we waiting for?
Was their question

So I toke all my shits
Sat in our old cars
I was happy from hits
Hits of the bong
We are gonna to touch the stars

And after neverending way
I’d like to say
That we were really so high
In a fact we touched the sky
I saw in red, blue, green
It was the best what I’ve ever seen

When we dropped out of cars
We were little frightened of SARS
But we fast forgot it
And toke one other hit
Hit from the boooooong!

It was the time of sleep
So I toke my little girl
and starting to make it her to deep
And when I finished I crept (down)

I dreamt about the Sun
And I dreamt about the gun
I was little frightened from this
So I woke up and went to piss
At once The God was before me
I didn’t know what should I do
I asked him if he wants to smoke with me
What would do you?

So I got in the sky
Me and the God were so high
So if you are looking for stairway to heaven
You should smoke joints in number of eleven