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Lammoth power-metal / Praha

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Text skladby Servant God

z alba Vast Land of Solitude

The night is long and dark guides me
alone by friends deserted struggling to carry on

Blood crowns my brow I’m gripped by fear
to bear the consequences of being love is hard

I am here willing and content fixing the broken
I am here fanning the ambers
unlocking chambers bringing life

Yells of hatred, scornful laughter, screams ring inside my head
under blazing sun and silent heaven they want to see me dead
roaring sea of unchained anger swept all human away
but I must see faces not mob for each of them my life down I lay

Ref: Secret of time and eternity is inside me
first and last and ever beaten is old serpent enemy
choked by my heel bite that swallows never

Nails thrust deep, piercing my hands and crushing feet,
I’m losing my breath too fast whispering words that must be said

I feel the end is near sun turning black, death swinging its scythe
cutting new mankind’s umbilical cord

My face a mass of blood creates portrait on her veil
and my burden carries another for me so that I can’t fail
servant God that needs to be served Almighty in weakness guise
I am loser bringing ruin and downfall to the counsels of the wise


Mocking sign above my head claims my sovereignty
save yourself if you are who you said and thus prove divinity
many voices still one echo tempting my will be done
like the desert devil’s offer exalt yourself deny being son