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Lammoth power-metal / Praha

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Text skladby Storytellers inn

z alba Machine

1. Dead beat wanderers
tramps from far away
come and stay for a drink or two

Rest your wearied feet
take off shabby shroud
have a sip of our fine home brew

Leave your troubles out
frosty rain or drought
our hostelry waits for you

2. No one wants your name
you may hide your face
we´ll close eyes if you want us to

You don´t need your gems
gold or silver chains
with a song you´ll pay what´s due

Theme is up to you
whether lie or true
eyewitness or out of blue

Ref: Sing, us your song that drives away
Sleep, Hold on spell until the morning re-
deems. Weave dreams that no one else can
see. Sing your song your heart to us reveal

3. Dark tales of fear that will chill our bones
terror and fright with demonic might in ghastly tune
Sear deadly land tearful cries and moans
under the bane all prayers in vain can´t change their doom

oooooooo, hear them cry
oooooooo, doomed to

4. Die, streams of blood water withered soil
heroes are dead or cowardly fled back to their holes
People in rags sick from painful toil
only a dirge does sound from the church in broken chords

oooooooo, demons in rage
oooooooo, now turn the page

5. Sing us softly and still, soothe and calm our minds that dark gloom
seized. Sing and we will follow your story line we´re ready to
hear song of morning sky, dew drops like
tears dawning sunrays bright sweet smelling breeze

and birds they sing, and flowers bloom
and people laugh as they dance down the street
to greet the spring, with strings and flutes
to celebrate cruel winter´s defeat

6. Back to nightmare forces in their wake
lightning and hale loud thunder and wail in dead of night
Screams in the air chanting words of plague
pestilence, war all ground stained with gore of those who fight

oooooooo, no hope you bring
oooooooo, don´t stop and Ref: