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Lammoth power-metal / Praha

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Text skladby Machine

z alba Machine

Your life nothing means anymore
you're only one unknown
piece of this faceless crowd
without a name without a pride
standing in line with this mask you've got
doing your job doing what they told you that you like

Dream is what they stole from you
promised you soon we would see to it you dream comes true and so

You've learned to walk
now they teach you to march
you've learned to talk now be mute
you've gotten life
now they're squeezing it out
out of you to alive their lifeless schemes

Your time
falling apart every day
yesterday tomorrow
you don't know what it means
never were young never grow old
never to die if you heed their call
never to ask never to doubt never use your brain

Dream is what they stole from you
promised you soon
we would see to it you dream comes true
and so

You've burned your bridges
that bounded your past
now you have nothing
to hold on to
floating with tide
without knowing why
you became water on another's mill

Promises of future paradise
while you do your nuts today
in the name of distant glory
present time changes to hell

Sometimes you're wondering
is it really worth it all
if this is your dream
then you'd better wake

Grow trees of steel rainbows
in leaking oil
beauty is measured by zeal
everyone's hurying
noone knows where
crowded city where everyone's alone

When you set lordship of no-one
then neither houses nor your families
belong to you but to no-one
and when no-one’s hand rea-ches out
to no-one's things and no-one's feet
march down the roads that no-one owns
then this fearfull mister No-one
takes what is his takes it all

Is it too late
to turn back from this path

change the course
and start it all a-gain?

Is it too late
to heal wounds of this bane

wake up sound
from this fever dream

Is it too late now
or is there a chance

to escape or do I have to

Be crushed by machine
I myself set to