Lammoth - Text skladby Hope z alba Machine |
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Lammoth power-metal / Praha

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Text skladby Hope

z alba Machine

For many years I have lived my own life
I have been going my way
Hiding, guarding all on my own
The things that keep you sane

But now the changes are coming my way
Everything's falling apart
I have unlocked the gate
And let the light blind my sight

Deep down inside
Where demonwings never fly
Deep down where sun
will never shine

Dressed in the dark
Lies hope for better life

Deep down inside
Just waiting to be revealed
Deep down for those
Who never give up

Dressed in the dark
Lies hope for better life

Now I am starting all over again
Reborn and given a chance
New world greeting me to explore
The lands that lie ahead

Slowly I'm getting to realize that
Nothing has really changed
Still me, I am just living another life
On other side


After all the past experience
All that is left alive
Will help me stay in the light
And never more
Haunted by holes in the past
And I don't have to hide my head in the sand
Finally I can be satisfied
With the day that passed
When I lay down my head to rest
At the end
I'm complete