Lajky - Text skladby blue c. z alba de Plyche |
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Lajky alternative-rock / Třešť

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Text skladby blue c.

z alba de Plyche

Autor hudby: Jiří Raiterman
Autor textu: Jiří Raiterman

oh it‘s late, late at night and I watch the screen / and I feel my silent voice is gonna turn to scream / all the sounds as they come just from the neighbouroom / they crack my thoughts so that I can‘t even get on to / to tell you that I‘d like to change these words into a bye-bye song / but I don‘t wanna give up I don‘t want to give up I just feel like go / don‘t know why, maybe just becuz of lack of words / and the words are all and all and all in our network world / and I always wanted to touch that skin and I wished to hear your silk voice again / but that‘s so great, the way it is, oh it was till this stupid day, oh…// oh you know, you know me as much as I know you / out of time, endless years and one hot minute too / and so near and so far, it feels like a dream to me now / there‘s a line on the road, we have to talk about, well we should talk and touch about it, please / oh c‘mon, c‘mon carmen / it‘s your turn // no, nobody‘s sorry for your poisoned heart