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  • Hollow and Void
    Fortitude EP
  • Missing Man
    Fortitude EP
  • Not So Terrible
    Fortitude EP
  • Hologram-Home
    Fortified EP
  • A Life to Upgrade
    Fortified EP
  • Counting Planes
    Fortified EP

Kohi Noir "A Life to Upgrade" (Official Video)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 19.3.2014
"A Life to Upgrade" is one of the three songs released on "Fortified EP" in December 2013. Visit our homepage www.kohinoir.com to be informed about our future releases and tour dates.

Produced by Dušan Krejdl (c) 2014
Thanks Filip Vančura for his boots, legs and manoeuvres.