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Khadaver metal-electronica / Prešov

„Kapela ukončila svou činnost“

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Text skladby Zeroborn

z alba Exstinctio Mundi

Autor hudby: Nihil Nix
Autor textu: Nihil Nix

Out of darkness of space
We arrive into this realm
Fueled by endless knowledge
We shall prevail through aeons

Above laws of time
Our form is inferior
Unlike power of our minds

We travel cosmos
For billion years
Interstellar roamers
Beyond your imagination

The ancient ones
Come from behind the Sun
Setting ashore
On God of War

WE - are born of nothing
WE - contain everything
WE - the timeless ones
We are one
We are many
We are Zeroborn

The Great Scientists
We shall unleash
New form of life

The celestial body
She shall go under name

Shell the planet
With seed of Us
For we are perfect
For we will dominate

The satisfaction
Of interstellar fornication

New-found civilization
Is forming the bastard nations
Evolving and not hesitating
To take over the borrowed world

Our vessel leaves
To return
In another era

We shall return
From the depths of space
To this lonely planet
To be worshipped like the