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Khadaver metal-electronica / Prešov

„Kapela ukončila svou činnost“

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  • Zeroborn- Exstinctio Mundi (2015) 377 ×
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  • Incipit Futurum- Exstinctio Mundi (2015) 79 ×
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  • Kampfbereit- New World Disorder (2012) 1 556 ×
  • 21st Century Antichrist- New World Disorder (2012) 778 ×
  • New World Disorder- New World Disorder (2012) 478 ×

Text skladby Europa In Flames

z alba New World Disorder

Autor hudby: Nihil Nix

“Richard Sulik who led the rebels said: ‘I would rather be a pariah in Brussels than have to feel ashamed before my children who would be deeper in debt’. Well I know how he feels because I have been somewhat of a pariah here perhaps for the last 10 years, but he has got it right because he summed up the detachment between Brussels and the real people of the European Union.

Listening to this debate today it is almost as if this debate has been going on inside a padded cell that is the European Parliament, as people compete for who can be the most stupid; who can waste the maximum amount of taxpayers’ money. I really do think as a political class you are all wrong, and you are all wrong democratically because nobody has ever given consent for this behaviour.”

Nigel Farage, MEP