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Just For Being punk-rock / Praha

„!!! NEW LP OUT NOW !!!“

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Text skladby Auction Of Soul

z alba Mistake In The Rules

Autor hudby: Just For Being
Autor textu: Just For Being

Surrounded by misunderstandings, isn't it a little sad?
You know how to behave, from birth till your last breath.
But are you ready to grow up, marching in a row? (Wherever you go.)
Where is it going in the end, this auction of your soul?

I'm not the goods with a sticker "use me",
I am the one, the mistake in the rules.

This time I'm crawling, instead of falling, it's my dream and my choice. (I raise my voice.)
Give me a reason for life in prison, give me one last call, after the auction of your soul.

Someone would say my behavior isn't fair. Using phrases like career and success but what if I just don't care.
Live and let live, standing side by side, only with the ones I really need.

Save me from the noose, my dear friend. We're not dead yet, hold my injured hand.
I couldn't lose it that way, so come to me and just stay, until the dawn of a new day.

When nobody's there and nothing is fair, through the darkest night of nights we'll be healed by the sunrise.
When nobody's there, you know that's not fair through the darkest night of nights we'll be healed by the sunrise.
Healed by the sunrise, we're gonna take 'em all.