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Just For Being punk-rock / Praha

„!!! NEW LP OUT NOW !!!“

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Text skladby Destroy The Walls

z alba Mistake In The Rules

Autor hudby: Just For Being
Autor textu: Just For Being

Every wall has two sides but people mostly don't have a chance to choose
which one they'd like to stay on, now you have to understand that
on one side lives a mouth full of lies and on the other side are just sad eyes,
sad eyes with tears of pain, together we see that it's nonsense.

Destroy the, destroy the walls! (We build to separate our souls.)
Destroy the, destroy the walls! (Cause they must end as empty holes.)
We have to fight for liberty. (For liberty, for liberty!)
Destroy the walls! (And tell oppression strictly no.)

But start inside your heart where the greatest evil you can find is,
if you manage to fight it, then finally, you can be satisfied.

Why some are violent when the rest prays for peace? (Just tell me why.)
Aren't you tired of all Palestines or Berlins? (You must agree.)
Everything's meant to have its reason. (But this is really useless.)
So we're not, we're not afraid to watch the walls fall...

What would you say if all the walls were pulled down?
What would you say if we burnt them to the ground?