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John Wolfhooker rock-rock / Praha

„Break Me Down je venku!“

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Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 11.12.2016
Official Music Video for "Don't Panic" by John Wolfhooker.
Music Video by FERO Production

Physical copy and merch:



Recorded @ Babylon Studios
Mixed by Tomas Raclavsky
Mastered by Alan Douches

John Wolfhooker is: Rony Janecek, Adrian Janecek, Martin Cupka, Filip Vlcek.


Ladies and gentlemen
Take what should be taken
I´ve got nothing left to give
'Cause my whole life was mistaken
Join me if you're not blind
It's just a state of mind
Spread you wings, open the door
everyone is looking for

No chance escape from
The path we follow if we race in circles.
Keep following in someone´s steps
Till we stumble and fall

Take away all I thought I was
There's a chance for us
To find a way (if we can start again)
Away (we´re stuck here even though we are moving)

It seems like something's missing
If you don't care then we don't care
Why even bother guessing
With our blindfolds on
We keep marching on
I hate to rain on this parade
How could there not be something wrong

We hunt this light so hard
Flies chasing lantern's eye
Till we all burn out

We are not what they say
Or what we choose
We only are who we are
The things we chase
Will fade away in the end
The thing we chase
Are in ourselves deep inside