Jo'anna - Text skladby Weirdo z alba Speak Words |
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Jo'anna acoustic-r&b / Praha

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  • Not Enough
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  • Embrace the Flame
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Text skladby Weirdo

z alba Speak Words

Autor hudby: Jan Voříšek
Autor textu: Anna Žitnikova

A light a shadow
What is it outside
I am not sure
Is it day or night
I'm getting lost in my own thoughts
and my eyes have turned into two black dots

Rubbing my eyes
Trying to see the facts
But my brain is made out of crazy insects
Getting up every day, feelin' little strange
But I just can't help it
I just can't make a change

Felling lost
Shadows 'round
Yea what's that sound
That's my guilt
Left around in a fuzzy crowd
Scary clouds
They're on my window
It's too fast
Or too slow
Am I a weirdo

Empty streets
People sleeping
It's 4AM and I'm thinking
It was a good party
So many friends of mine
Why do I feel so empty
Why does it make me cry
I hear birds singing
Singing I told you
You killed your feelings
That's not the way you do
You will be feeling lost
You won't see any meaning
But this is not life
This just isn't living