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Jet8 punk-hardcore / Praha

„Nový videoklip "Sooner Than You Think"“

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JET8 - Down and Out (official music video)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 9.9.2019
Jet8 - Down and Out (official music video)

Shot and directed by (kamera/stříh/produkce): Martin Sláma/StrawManVP
Produced by: Damian Kucera
Special thx: Kozel (Thalidomide) a Kristina Sihelská

I’d rather sit in a back row
Watching stories that I don’t know
Than staring at the main character in that fucking stupid tv show
I would never ever guess, that I wrote that script myself
But for that shit ain‘t no one except myself whom to blame

Whom to blame
Ain’t no one now whom to blame
I am castaway

Down and out need a guide
To point me in direction not hurting anyone
Down and out need a guide
To get me what’s been done and help, help go through it

The presence is killing me
But I wish the future was
Already history cause ain’t got no time to breath
What always seemed to be
No doubt so simply clear
Suddenly is torn to pieces, who folds them back now if not me

Who folds them back now if not me
I am castaway


Help go through it
Help go through it

There’re things that do not change
You can only deal with them
There’re things that you can’t change
They just happened and are here to stay