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Text skladby Go With The Flow

z alba Demo Songs 2017

Autor hudby: Jan Dvořák
Autor textu: Jan Dvořák

1) Go with the flow – is what they say
Fly in the wind – every day
Don´t lose control over what you do
No matter what, you wanna stay in tune!

2) Go with the flow – is the only way
Open up your eyes and see – that all is there
This is what all books and teachers say
No matter how I try – I always fail!

REF: I really wanna find that out
How do I go about that flow
Someday I really wanna figure out
How I could stay in that flow

3) Go with the flow – yes, I know!
Let go of my dreams and hopes – yes and no!
Nothing left to stand on and hold on to
Is this the Freedom or another doom?