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    Demo Songs 2017
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Text skladby What Do We Know

z alba Demo Songs 2017

Autor hudby: Jan Dvořák
Autor textu: Jan Dvořák

1. Don’t close the doors as we don’t know what may be coming
Don’t shut the windows when the breeze wants to great us in the morning
Who knows what they teach us and we don’t get it
But I suppose that some day, maybe on Sunday, maybe just one day….

2. Don’t close the doors, leave them open as wide as can be
Spread out the windows, warm welcome to all the butterflies
I know it´s crazy, so unprotected
But I suppose it´s the only way, anyway, for every day…

REF: What do we know about what´s out there?
Are we scared, or we don’t care?
What do we know about that “Somewhere”?
Beyond compare, unaware, shall we dare…?