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Ivory Gate acoustic-world music / Kadaň

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Text skladby Gardens of Oblivion

z alba The Years That Passed

Autor hudby: Štěpán Langer
Autor textu: Štěpán Langer

She took me in
to the garden so beautiful
like in a dream
the flowers were speaking to me

"I have long been wishing
for a sweet girl like you
just lay off and I'll comb your hair
you will like it sure..."

I should have seen
she put a spell on me
memories faded with a blow
of the first breeze of Spring

"I must take them away
the roses from her sight
I let them sink into the earth
so she stays forever..."

(In the) gardens where oblivion reigns...

Fair and delicate
three beautiful sisters
dancing by the lake in the light of Moon
they make merry
and don't even care
if they only knew what shall happen soon

They should be far away
sleeping in their beds
but all were enchanted by a sweet smell
three coffins in which they lie
gliding across the lake
the evening bell tolls sadly their knell

Seasons came
but I still had a spring
am I insane?
finaly my mind became clear

Why are no roses in here?
not a single to be found
I wept and tears ran down my face
falling to the ground...

Through my tears
I saw a rose-tree sprout
kissed and embraced it
and there it was
the autumn outside

Oh how I've wasted my time
where he could only be?
"We've been down where all dead lie
but he was not there
don't fear..."

(In the) gardens where oblivion reigns...