Iria - Album: Pagan Terror |

Iria black-metal / Prešov

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  • Pagan Terror
    Pagan Terror
  • My Spirit Of Omega
    Pagan Terror
  • Höllen Marsch
    Höllen Marsch (Single)
  • The Day When I Shall Rule
    The Day When I Shall Rule (Single)
  • Idol (Demo)
    Slovanský Žrec (Demo)
  • Festum Omnium Sanctorum Mortuum (Demo)
    Slovanský Žrec (Demo)
  • De Vermis Mysteriis (Demo)
    Slovanský Žrec (Demo)

Vydavatelství: Bandcamp
Producent: Iria
Mix: Nihil
Mastering: Nihil
Album art: Zeus, Nihil


Pagan Terror

19. 4. 2019

Recorded at Xi Studio June - August 2018
Drums recorded by Martin Barla at MF Studio in April 2018
Mixed and mastered by Nihil and Thomas Mutina at Xi Studio in September 2018

Cover art by Zeus and Nihil
Band photography by Nihil

All music by Iria
Keyboards and audio effects by Nihil

Lyrics for tracks 2, 7, 9 by Nihil, for tracks 5, 6, 8 by Zeus,
for track 3 by Sagus and Nihil and for track 4 by Sagus

With furious anger we fight and no remorse in our eyes!