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Intervalle Bizzare death-grind / Praha

„Kapela není aktivní“

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Text skladby Raped Serenity

z alba Unexpected Awakening of Impassive Mass

Autor hudby: Intervalle Bizzare
Autor textu: Tomáš "Střap" Stulík

A lying existence
Opens the eyes of slime
Destiny has dismembered your innards
What transformed your interior
I know that your guts change the position
Only blood can help you
You need a transfusion
You must get on the street
And get hold of some pain
It'll help
Forever and wherever
Cocktail made of Coca-Cola and dog's or cat's blood
Will not be enough
That young woman had to have perfect blood corpuscules
It will help your rotting liver
Your last victim couldn't stop you
I swear you are so gluttonous
I know there has been so little blood
Where the young family lives
There are four people in the house
Two children they are six years and twenty-two month old
The woman and the man are very strong but the gun will assist you
Policeman stand in front of the door
What will you do
O.K. they left
You have to escape away
They seized you they'll damn you
You'll get some punishment
Or they will put you to death
it's not a good situation
Got the capital punishment
Don't cry you can't be afraid of it
You must commit suicide
Otherwise they put you to death
Tablettes, tablettes, tablettes
You gulp it all you'll die
It will not hurt they'll never kill you
Raped serenity
Feel my bloodlessness
I don't feel my liver
I'm inside a gut war