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Instant Suppression progressive-metal / Rostov-On-Don

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  • Instant Suppression - De[com]pression
  • Instant Suppression - Frozen
  • Instant Suppression - Album Sampler 1
  • Instant Suppression - Album Sampler 2
  • Instant Suppression - Fake



Hi everyone !!!!!!!! =)))

Hi ti everyone here at !!!!!! =))))

We are Progressive Modern Metal band from South of Russia INSTANT SUPPRESSION !!!
Our new album "Domain.Nation" is coming very very soon ;)

Check out samplers of upcoming album on this page !!!
It is very important for us) It will take 5 minutes.
It could be intresting for you)

for lot of information you can follow the next links :

Official homepage:
Myspce Page:
Join Facebook page:

Thank you! We really hope you like it !!!!!

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