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  • Screaming Toilet
  • Chickens' Revenge
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InsaneTV - Screaming Toilet (demo) - Music video

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 30.10.2015
This song is about people in charge with evil mind (like dictators, some politicians, etc.). About their motivation to do these evil things and their inner insanity. Toilet is metaphor to the shitty world they live in.

There is a power deep inside of me,
need one more hour to take
just one shower to feel the insanity,
Nobody knows it, but it's fuckin' great!
Two different worlds between Vegas and Kandahar,
it is a mush, what we made
So fuck you Kim Chong and fuck you too Voldemort!
Somebody wants to blow us away

Look at me, what you see? Accept the black inside of me
Just a bog, full of shit, toilet never be part of it
Kick it in, twist it off, screaming out the bloody words
So look at me, dafuq you see? It's a true insanity

There is a ghost deep inside of me,
heaven above us is a fake
Scooby wants to solve this mystery,
nobody knows it, but I'm scared
Two different ways to escape the reality
where is no place for hate
We must destroy this fucking authority
before they blow us away!