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Innervate metalcore-thrash / Brno

„Něco končí, něco začíná...“

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Text skladby Liar

z alba Innerlist

Autor hudby: Innervate
Autor textu: Emjey/Márty/Luke

What do you say for this
you small fucking bitch
Just say, I'm waiting
for you words.

Why do you sleep with him all night,
You always lied me, am I right?
You can tell me the truth,
It won't hurt, I promise.

I think it would be better
If you and me have never known
each other.
Now get out from my sight.

I'm killing you every day in my thoughts,
how sweet it would be if I could
catch you with him.
I'm killing you every night in my dreams,
how sweet it would be, if I could
watch you die.

If you want to die without a misery
you have to fly to the sky.
If you´re asking me what´s this melody
you have to hear the humans cry.

My blood is heating up,
My heart is hard as stone.
One day I'll regret this,
But not today I'm sure.
I'm coming for you,
This horror became true.

I shot a bullet in your head
I have a knife to take you life,
I smash your face with barbed mace
I drink hot blood from your heart.