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Inner Talks alternative / Praha

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Text skladby Behind Your Back

z alba Particles

Autor hudby: Inner Talks
Autor textu: Hynek Celar

I was losing time
lying on a couch
sitting at a desk
writing the message

Letter by letter
thought by thought
time was passing me by
escaping my notice

I spent time in a blurred picture
roving on the playground
looking for the answer
for a trace of hope

Time was running away from me
leaving me behind
Alone in the dark and a desert
feeling no fear

I used to be pressed for time
in the past

But now
I am free, eternally free
No hurry, no sureness
This dimension ceased to exist

Goodbye Time

A clock stopped ringing
A church bell stopped calling
I missed all my meetings this week
I forgot to pick up the mail
I left my homework at home
I lost time
for a while