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Inner Talks alternative / Praha

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Text skladby Perfect Isolation

z alba Particles

Autor hudby: Inner Talks
Autor textu: Hynek Celar

I don’t see your
mouth moving
I don’t hear you
Why do you hide?

Where are your
so often mentioned
and ideals?

They are caught
in a cage
of silence
or blare

I am listening to
the clatter of a keyboard
Your fingers are dancing
as you are hitting letters

You are typing to someone
Their voice is hidden in wires
Their eyes are behind a curtain
Words are filling a screen

I meet you in the street
isolated in a bottle
not to hear any sound
not to feel your touch

Just a snatch of your sigh
and you will save my life

A tap is free now
Talk is filling our space
our inner world
Finally turning

And after some time
I will meet you
I will hear you
on a green meadow

You will be singing
and I will be waiting
till the end
of that song

To stop time
just before...
your last word
your last sigh
your last move
your last smile