Inner Talks - Text a video Seizing z alba Particles |
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Inner Talks alternative / Praha


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Text skladby Seizing

z alba Particles

Autor hudby: Inner Talks
Autor textu: Filip Celar

Still in it
Nothing will escape me
not a single bubble
which came towards me

A drop of chance
for a new beginning
a new experience
and perception

When I absorb everything
my body will tire a little
My mind is still working
At least I am thinking

I am spelling words wrong
The thought processes in my head
are going away soon
to the dump of thoughts

After a while the mind will wear out
Bubbles are running away
passing on
and I am not able to catch them

I will empty myself
as my imaginary hall
fills up
inside my head

Essences escaped me
But still I have filled myself
in the last row of a theatre
during the boring performance

When I am thinking about that
I start to understand it
even with my empty mind