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Inner Talks alternative / Praha

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Text skladby Feelings in Heights

z alba Particles

Autor hudby: Inner Talks
Autor textu: Hynek Celar

A sun beam is flying through the window
heading for my palm
My hand is on a string
hanging freely below the lamp
There’s an eagle in the sky
flying across the sun
over mountains, forests, through time
seeing all, not being everywhere

It lives in an open cage
above closed fences
It can hunt
where it wants

It tried to overshadow the sun
but it burnt itself

I am looking up at the sky
where acid rain is coming down
We tried to prevent the cry
from coming out
The cage is locked now
Life is just in a box
A box with ads and efforts
without any address

Its sight is everywhere
Its hearing is everywhere
And its feeling too
But where is it?

It has to roof over its nest
and settle down