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Inner Sphere melodic-death / Plzeň

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Text skladby Impure

z alba Amnesia

Autor hudby: Míra Litomerický
Autor textu: Míra Litomerický

Why – oh why…
Holy father, I’ve sinned – Forgive me
I cannot carry on the guilt
The tounge sharp-shaped and a narrow mind – an obstacle of my life
Forgive me – I am heretic

Cleanse my hands of the sins
Burn the land of no hope
Murder men of nonsense
Rape the world of damned

I cannot be changed – demons go away
I’m a sinner, I have nothing more to say
Rotten deep to the bone – it’s how I am
So let me fade away.

Burn !!

I cannot hide – you can see it all in my eyes
I’m the beast – they will hunt me forever
I’m full – of sins and self-hatred
Forgive me – I’m so close my death now

Shallow minds regret
Feeling flames under
Breathe the stained air
Punish myself with pain – With pain!!

Smile of his lips untamed
Won’t let a word flee away
Confession was made in chains
Laughed at you unafraid

Burn ! So Burn ! Burn ! So Burn ! Burn !