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Innersphere melodic-death / Plzeň


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Text skladby Tell Me

z alba Amnesia

Autor hudby: Míra Litomerický
Autor textu: Míra Litomerický, Jan Karel

Tell me where I stand. Tell me – am I at the end
So tell if this is true if I am not dreaming.
I’m lost within my thoughts – can not remember
So say, how many more times I will be suffering.

Amnesia seized my mind
Forgotten last days of my life
I woke up naked in the middle of a black forest
Moonless night and shivering breath
My skin si cold – freezed to death
I got there anyhow – for an uknown purpose

My steps are led through many trees.
Over the hills and pools overgrown with moss.
Feel the wilderness – the nature of yourself
And I found myself knee deep in a lake
Peering down to water which mirrors
A scarified face – that was born to hate

Is it me or is it you whom I see?
Tell me what happened the day before
Or I will burst insane
Or I will burst again

Four crows are circling over the lake
Resurrecting a demon of mists
Just one man standing in the middle of streams
A strange course was sent upon him