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Inaction rock / Praha

„Nový Lyric Video! Mrkni se!!“

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Text skladby My Feelings For You

z alba Makes You Wanna Cry - EP

Autor hudby: Václav Hořák
Autor textu: Ilona Vintrová

Maybe the rain will continue to fall
Am I happy today, am I lonely tomorrow
One very special moment can turn on destiny
One moment in time is all the time we need
I‘m glad because I was blessed to have you in my life

I knew I loved you before I met you
There is no rhyme no reason
I‘m complete now that I found you
Right now

We can make it if we‘re heart to heart
So today I finally find the courage deep inside
We can build this dream forever
Until two hearts will beat together
You'll never be too far from me
Let me hear you, I hear your voice

In your eyes I see my future
You're the one who saw me through it all
I‘m giving you all my love underneath one sun
Two very different people, so much to overcome
I won't give up