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Text skladby Walking In The Rain

z alba Light From The Dark

Autor hudby: Václav Hořák
Autor textu: Václav Hořák

Every time I feel you and need you
something gets into my eyes
and the sun shines for us
so tell me what I passed

I remember you in my mind
you look so pretty you've got that ring
that I gave you on our Christmas Eve
and I feel like the richest king

I wanna have you in my arms
but you don't wanna do this thing
everything seems to be lost
I know what I'm doing

I said whatever you do
never run away from me
someone is comin' to you
to taste your first kiss

Go forward and don't look back again
I never pleased you while
we're walkin' in the rain
your eyes are stronger than words
what are you saying to me tell me
why are we walkin' in the rain

walking down the street
where lights are turned off
I see you in the dark
don't be afraid of anyone

Nothing more can change this story
it has just begun
I hear your voice in my dream
we will forever be a team

your heart has broken down
last night was a beautiful time
we spent together
stand up and don't lay on the ground
don't lie to me don't lie to me, tonight