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Inaction rock / Praha

„Nový videoklip ,,,Never Stop To Hope"“

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Text skladby Baby, Let's Go

z alba Light From The Dark

Autor hudby: Václav Hořák
Autor textu: Ilona Vintrová

Keep on rocking my baby
show me your dance
you tease me
my heart is going boom
can you feel it? yeah

There's a fire in my soul
I'm gonna teach you a lesson alright
I'm losing control
come on tonight! yeah

This is the moment when I'm going crazy
I never saw such a beautiful baby

I heard about you before
I know you
you feel so good when a
girls looks at you
we can have fun together cause'
I like you too
but I don't want just one night,
it's the truth

In every kiss is a fire
I can't conceal it anymore
There's nothing at all that can keep
us apart, yeah

Now I'm at the point of no return
my heart and my body are burning and burning

Never before have you see me begging for me?
I'm gonna be around
let me know
how you thrill me when you are near to me
I wanna catch you and hold you tight
baby come to me
give to me your heart

Lots to take and lots to give
we can see what love's got to do with it
slow down and be patient
and try to hang on
maybe I will say come on baby, let's go